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Jacopo Brunello was born in Schio, a small town near the Venice lagoon, in 1995.


The possibility to explore deeply his capabilities arrived at the high school, when he decided to follow his passion enrolling at the Art High School.

Starting from the basis, there Jacopo developed his artistic skills, exploring different types of art: painting, sculpture and graphic design.

His passion for photography began in this period when Jacopo started to take pictures in the suburbs of his small city.


In 2015, he went on to study a bachelor’s degree in New Technologies for the Art at the Fine Arts Academy in Venice, Italy.

During the first year of University Jacopo started to be passionate about graphic design and video, but the photography has been always his first, great, passion, that he cultivates not only through his studies but regularly in his daily life.


Brunello’s practice is focused primarily on “capturing the world surrounding”, not as it appears immediately but digging deep behind the appearances, looking for the essence of things. The subjects are various but never fortuitous: suburbs and forgotten places are often the main subjects but also artificial places, fetishes of society, where ancient beliefs and mass-culture blend to create an estranged reality.

In his shoot light and shadows are often combining to create new forms, abstracted atmospheres, and color, when it is present, has a strong structural function.


Brunello’s photography has already been exhibited in the group show “mutAZIONI” (Schio, 2017), among the finalists in the contest “Una visita alle Gallerie dell’Accademia” (Venice, 2018) organized by the Rotary Photographic Club of Venice and in 2018 he will be in Torino, Italy, for the XIV° edition of “Paratissima” art exhibition.


Brunello arrived 3rd in the Lensculture "Art Photography Award 2018" in the singre image category with the photo "Nothing Dark Matters".


Jacopo Brunello have also been part of different multi-media projects like “AltroLato” (Venice, 2018) with the interactive installation “Buy Your Own Calatrava Bridge”, and “Deus Ex Fabrica” (Schio, 2018), an international digital art project aimed to revitalise an historical industrial site.



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